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Album: This is a private album that is not visible to anonymous users First Grade



Album: short o

Album: Short a

Album: short i

Album: ch

Album: short u

Album: wh

Album: th

Album: l, r, s

Album: short e

Album: sh

Album: wh, th

Album: qu

Album: two syllable compoun...

Album: ff, ll, ss and zz

Album: ng and nk

Album: magic e (i-e and o-e...

Album: magic e (u-e, a-e, e...

Album: ck

Album: vowel teams ee and e...

Album: ou and ow

Album: vowel teams oa and o...

Album: tch

Album: Resources

Album: oi and oy

Album: ing

Album: oo as in zoo

Album: hard and soft c

Album: ge and dge

Album: bossy r, er, ir, ur

Album: bossy r (or)

Album: bossy r (ar)

Album: aw and au

Album: ai and ay

Album: a as in all and salt

Album: y endings fy, ny py,...

Album: y as a vowel

Album: soft g

Album: y endings ly, vy, dy...

Album: igh

!st Grade Phonic...

First Grade Rede...

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1st grade scope ...

Galactic Phonics...

Galactic Phonics...