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Album: long & short vowels

long & short vowels

Album: syllabication rules

syllabication rules

Album: k, ck, ke

k, ck, ke

Album: eigh, ea, ei

eigh, ea, ei

Album: vowel teams syllable...

vowel teams syllable type

Album: ue, ew, eu

ue, ew, eu

Album: oo in book

oo in book

Album: oo, ou

 oo, ou

Album: ow, ou

ow, ou

Album: ow, ie, ea, igh

ow, ie, ea, igh

Album: 3_oy_oi


Album: 3_aw,au,a


Album: 3_diphthong_syllable


Album: 3_ar_or


Album: 3 ir, er, ur

3 ir, er, ur

Album: 3_bossyr_syllable


Album: 3_hardsoftc_hardsoft...


Album: 3_tch_ge


Album: 3_le_double_shortvow...


Album: 3_le_NOTdouble_longv...


Album: consonant plus le sy...

consonant plus le syllable

Album: 3 endings ry, vy, by...

3 endings ry, vy, by, dy, ty

Album: 3 endings ny, py, sy...

3 endings ny, py, sy, my, ly

Album: 3 endings ild, old, ...

3 endings ild, old, ind, olt, ost

Album: 3 three syllable wor...

3 three syllable words

Album: 3 silent letters b, ...

3 silent letters b, gn, kn, wr

Album: 3 silent lettters lk...

3 silent lettters lk, mn, st

Album: 3_regular_plurals


Album: 3_irregular plurals

3_irregular plurals

Album: 3 suffixes tion, ati...

3 suffixes tion, ation, sion

Album: 3 suffixes ful, er, ...

3 suffixes ful, er, less, able

Album: 3 vcv_vce spelling r...

3 vcv_vce spelling rules

Album: 3 prefixes un,re,dis...

3 prefixes un,re,dis,pre

Album: Resources


Album: Differentiation


Album: Flip Charts

Flip Charts

Album: tch


Album: consonant y endings ...

consonant y endings fy, ny, py, sy, my

Album: ai_ay


Album: oa_oe


Album: igh


Album: suffix ed

suffix ed

Album: majic e

majic e

Album: spelling assessments

spelling assessments

Album: Word documents for s...

Word documents for spelling assessments

3rd_grade_phonics_scope__sequence final.pdf

Daily Spelling Dictation WS (3).pdf

Mini Lesson 3 Part Drill.pdf


3rd_grade_phonics_scope__sequence final2(3)2013.pdf